Bug #15357

Clarify how the review process of Weblate influences git commit

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We might want to switch from our current setup:

- a user proposes a translation
- once another user votes for the translation it get committed

to latest Weblate’s feature of translation states.

This might be needed in order to be able to build a staging website. (It’ll also involve having weblate use two Git repositories, one to store all translations, one to store only the reviewed translations -> we’ll have to see how to make this happen, likely we’ll have to query it’s database directly and add the corresponding commits.)

However, it seems that these translation states always commit and modify the PO files. And the states are only stored in Weblate’s DB. This is what we want to verify.
Doc: https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/workflows.html#translation-states


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As we have a working script to extract suggestions, we can very easily stick to our current setup. In particular as the translation states are only stored in the DB → and thus here again we would have to modify our current script to extract these states instead of the suggestions.

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Won’t be able to do this in the next 48 hours (release of 3.9)

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I’m not sure we need this anymore, but just to be safe, I let you look into it.

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