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Replace custom widget button in persistent wizard with standard GNOME switches

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Currently the persistent storage configuration relies on custom widgets to activate each feature: a button with a persistent state and a tick mark, acting like a switch.

Newest settings in GNOME all rely on a different pattern: a vertical list of options with corresponding widgets on the right to activate or configure them. See “power.png” screenshot from Tails 3.5. This tendency continues in newest versions of GNOME.

I’m attaching a rewrite of the persistent storage configuration using this pattern.

As part of the work on Additional Software, using this pattern makes it easier to add a “Configure” button that goes together with the “Additional Software” feature. With the current design we would have to either add a button inside the button of the feature or use a link inside the button.

Not a break dealer but probably with a poorer usability and clearly not going in the direction of newest GNOME interfaces.


That would be an important improvement on Feature #15259 for SponsorW.


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I have a working prototype that needs lots of polishing.

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Now works fine, including in the automated test suite!

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Woo, I’m really excited to see this live! You’re amazing!