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Cannot update database schemes in translate.lizard

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We need to allow the user weblate to write new migration fixtures to


In order to create such fixtures and allow the updating of the database.

This is needed before the SponsorL work starts.



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emmapeel, can you please confirm that this is needed only to update the current weblate version to a newer one? It’s not needed for pulling and adding components, correct?

#3 Updated by emmapeel 2018-04-03 09:26:05

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This is needed even to finish the installation we have atm.

It will not prevent components to work but it generates problems with for example the glossary and the statistics.

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to what degree does it specifically need to be user weblate who has write permission here? i can chown the directory, but i’m a bit uncomfortable with giving a web-application write access to its own code. can you think of a solution to create these fixtures as a different user?

#5 Updated by emmapeel 2018-04-14 06:48:28

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It will only be needed to update the database scheme because of changes on the code.

It can be taken out after finishing the update.

It will create some xml files and add/rm some columns on the database.

It would be good to do it first to finish current install, and then after we upgrade again.

The commands we need to run from /usr/local/share/weblate/ are:

- sudo -u weblate ./manage.py makemigrations /* this one creates the needed features

- sudo -u weblate ./manage.py migrate /* this one actually alters the database

Then we can remove the permission again.

#6 Updated by groente 2018-04-14 09:14:56

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ok, the directory and its contents have been chown’ed, please let me know when the install/updates are done and i’ll revert this.

#7 Updated by emmapeel 2018-04-16 08:16:39

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OK, I did one migration (the trans app), but now it wants to write to:


also (the accounts app, to: “- Alter field language on profile”)

#8 Updated by groente 2018-04-16 11:10:04

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ok, that directory has also been chown’ed, let me know when you’re done with it!

#9 Updated by emmapeel 2018-04-16 13:28:04

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Great! So, the migration for 2.10 is complete, we will need to do it again for 2.19. But you can remove the permissions for now.

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since the coming upgrade will be a project on its own anyway and these steps should then be handled by puppet, i’m going to close this ticket.

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