Bug #14627

Design the new download page

Added by sajolida 2017-09-13 07:07:54 . Updated 2017-11-20 22:14:40 .

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User interface design

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Verification Extension
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1. Design new wireframes
2. Test the wireframes on paper
3. Write the resulting HTML code

Let’s say that this tickets covers everything needed to have a download page that works with the new extension and has enough CSS to be usable.

The integration with the other pages and the replacement of DAVE will happen on Feature #14630.

The polishing of the CSS will happen on Feature #14921.


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Blocks Tails - Feature #14628: Migrate Firefox extension to Web Extensions Resolved 2017-09-13
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  • blocks Feature #14628: Migrate Firefox extension to Web Extensions added

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I consider this as Ready for QA since I sent my mail to Uzair:


Now I’m waiting for Uzair to clarify whether this works for him or what I would need to adjust.

I’ll do the rest of the HTML and CSS work as part of Feature #14630, hopefully in another branch.

Uzair: once you’re done answering the points I raised over email or you feel like I should be the one to work again on this, reassign it to me and mark it as QA Check: Dev Needed.

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I solved the issues identified by Cody in Feature #14630#note12 and did some more stuff:

77aa685f4b Install Chrome extension when clicking 'chrome' links
0839177672 Lower minimum version until release
f6b45948ed Use same htmlscrubber_skip setting in both config
d500dc9e17 Put most significant works first in the bullet list
c2ef736a4a Add explanation about what is BitTorrent
a767793b5c Download ISO image using the JSON mirror pool
5db3efa3cb Link to ISO image and Torrent file
4fb057ec40 Always download latest version of Tails Verification XPI
bc8f14c371 Let's call the extension 'Tails Verification'
7528371613 Use more meaningful labels

Note: the inline installation of the Chrome extension is broken. I don’t know why but don’t have time to investigate this further now. Maybe waiting a bit could solve this actually… :)

#10 Updated by sajolida 2017-11-11 17:14:16

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Cody: Can you review these commits?

#11 Updated by cbrownstein 2017-11-12 01:01:06

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The “Install Tails Verification extension (no restart)”; “Skip verification”; and “Skip download” links don’t work. (I’m not sure if that will be fixed on Feature #14630.)

Nitpicky, but I think “Install Tails Verification extension (no restart)” should read “Install Tails Verification extension (no restart needed).” “No restart” by itself isn’t particularly instructive.

Also nitpicky: “You need to install a BitTorrent software on your computer….” I don’t believe it’s proper to refer to specific software as “a software.” E.g., you’d instruct someone to “install text-editing software” to open a text file. You wouldn’t instruct them to “install a text-editing software.”

#12 Updated by sajolida 2017-11-14 13:22:50

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Changing “a BitTorrent software” to “BitTorrent software”.

The “(no restart)” labeling originally came straight from Mozilla but I think it’s not relevant for Web Extensions anymore, so I removed it.

Yes, all the links should be fixed in Feature #14630.

So I think I can close this ticket no. Wow!

#14 Updated by sajolida 2017-11-17 18:18:38

  • Assignee set to cbrownstein
  • QA Check set to Ready for QA

Actually, I did some more tiny changes that I want you to review:

8fac860a59 Add missing period
8c97d18222 Ask people without JavaScript to allow it temporarily
949eb24d42 Remove '(no restart)' label
8b02c3468e Fix grammar
fabeb1cf7f Always point to latest version

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#16 Updated by cbrownstein 2017-11-17 18:34:38

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Everything looks good to me!

#17 Updated by intrigeri 2017-11-18 10:53:33

  • Affected tool changed from Download and Verification Extension to Verification Extension

#18 Updated by sajolida 2017-11-20 22:14:40

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Cool, so I’m closing this ticket again :)