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Quantitative survey of our user base

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We’ve been conducting qualitative interviews of our users for more than a year now: https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/interviews/.

To complete the picture, I want to do a quantitative survey of our user base.

See https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/user_survey/.


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https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/user_survey/ :
>Possible research questions
>- Size of user base
> - How many users do we really have?
> - Right now we only have number of boots per day but combining this
> with how frequently people use Tails, we could extrapolate rough
> number of users and maybe usage categories (fraction of frequent
> users and occasional users, etc.).
>- Technical skills
> - How technically skilled are our users?
> - How big is the difference between the technical skills of our target
> audience and real audience?
> - Is there a match between how hard Tails is to use and the skills of
> our actual users?
>- Region
> - Is Tails useful and accessible by a global audience?
> - Information on where Tails is used the most is very helpful for
> fundraising, outreach, or translation efforts.

Maybe download stats from mirrors could help here. While it wont fully take account cloned tails, every mirror see a given proportion (actually around 1/50) of the downloads of the iso and the upgrades. Some informations could be extracted directly from their stats like the download countries (excluding downloads from Tor), the hour they tend to download, the lang they use (from the http referer field), the installation method they choose (same). Some other may be inferred (for example, how much downloads of the upgrades compared to the downloads of the iso, could give an estimation of how much users relies on automatic upgrades and how much of them reinstall for every release, which could give insights of their technical level).

#7 Updated by sajolida 2018-09-10 19:34:22

  • Regarding download stats, we have a better plan already implemented (I’m looking for a reviewer!). See Feature #14922.
  • Regarding upgrade stats, we can already do that with the hits on the RSS feed for security updates.

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I’m seriously out of budget until the end of the year.

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