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Write release notes for 3.2

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Ready in web/13571-release-notes.

Note that screenshots/tails_installer_in_tails.png will be updated in doc/13301-no-splash-in-tails with the same file name.

Assigning to anonym. I think it’s better to have this reviewed by the RM for completeness and correctness than by other technical writers.

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It seems (Bug #12740#note-23) Tails is now reproducible. Or at least there’s a good chance for it! So I think we should prepare a short paragraph about this and its importance. Or is this too geeky? What is your take on this?

#3 Updated by sajolida 2017-09-22 11:55:47

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Yes, once the reproducibiliy can be announce it could be mentioned in the release notes. Now, this explanation in the release notes should be short and I think it would work best if it goes along a more in depth blog post about it on our blog, once we’re ready for that. For example, that what I thought Feature #14520 was about but I only see it posted on intrigeri’s blog on people.debian.org.

So I’ll wait until it’s been communicated to our community before mentioning it from the release notes.

By the way, I updated the draft notes with the removal of XTEST.

#4 Updated by intrigeri 2017-09-22 12:04:23

> By the way, I updated the draft notes with the removal of XTEST.

I guess you mean the “revert of the removal of XTEST” :)

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Applied in changeset commit:4f3a46a99d1194af5a9f179faaeaa5935586e164.

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