Bug #13531

Use ikiwiki 3.20161219+, again

Added by intrigeri 2017-07-29 07:03:13 . Updated 2017-07-29 19:51:31 .

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I did this on Feature #12051 already, but then my work was lost by some conflict merge resolution (presumably when we moved the build deps installation from one script to another). So right now our ISO build Vagrant systems use ikiwiki from Jessie, instead of from jessie-backports as intended.


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  • related to Feature #12051: Use ikiwiki 3.20161219+ instead of our patched one added

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  • blocked by Bug #13530: ISO builds are broken by weird enigmail situation added

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Verified that the ISO still builds and the build box has ikiwiki from jessie-backports again.

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Oops, I forgot: before spending any time on this branch, please first check Feature #11738. If you think my plan there is not totally crazy, then forget about this branch as Feature #11738 will obsolete it.

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  • blocks deleted (Bug #13530: ISO builds are broken by weird enigmail situation)

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Feature #11738 is a superset of this ticket, so I’m calling it a duplicate. Sorry for the noise. Let’s come back to it if you notice any serious blocker on Feature #11738 that I’ve missed.