Bug #13470

Step "Tails Greeter has applied all settings" is fragile

Added by bertagaz 2017-07-14 10:37:52 . Updated 2019-08-30 14:18:57 .

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The test suite sometimes fails after clicking on the login button of the Greeter. The next loginctl test to see if the X session is opened can’t find one apart the Gdm one.

It happened:

  • 3 times so far in July
  • 6 times in June
  • 18 in May
  • 5 in April
  • 13 in March
  • 12 in February
  • 13 in January

But all this failures might not be due to the same reasons.

Maybe we need to raise a bit the waiting time for the session to open. Or there’s a bug in the Tails X session opening, or that’s Bug #11816 having being closed a bit too fast. This needs investigation.


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Can you please attach the debug log (and ideally the video capture)?

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I assume we’ve lost the debug log I’ve requested.

Next thing to do: check if this still happens.

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This step is useless on Buster (see commit:fb172d0b3f701f6d692c854efc2ccfbd6a040998 for details) and I’ll remove it in a branch of mine.

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