Bug #13138

Cucumber segfaults on Jenkins isotesters

Added by intrigeri 2017-06-26 07:19:56 . Updated 2017-06-30 06:20:51 .

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This started yesterday or the day before. I’ve not checked if all isotesters are affected. I’ve not checked what changed on these systems but I have enabled Stretch security APT sources a couple days ago so I suspect the libc6 update was pulled in. Perhaps we need to rebuild our custom, forward-ported cucumber stack, on current stretch, or migrate to cucumber 2.4 (which may not be trivial, see Feature #11739).

Let’s say it’s part of Feature #12160 and thus on my plate, to start with. I might send this back to the sysadmin on duty if my investigation concludes differently.


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I think that’s https://bugs.debian.org/865343, let’s try with the previous kernel.

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Rebooted isotester*.lizard on the previous kernel, let’s see how it goes.

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One ISO test job started running without any segfault, looks good. Assuming this is really repaired, next step is to revert commit c1d03c16d057875302f6ef86bd73145b36a6d5dd in our manifests repo once the bug is fixed in Stretch (I’ll file a dedicated ticket about it).

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A few test jobs completed. Feature #13180 tracks the next step.

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