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Update/rethink next steps for the Greeter revamp

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Now that phase 1 (Feature #8230) is done, we should IMO take a step back and update our priorities in this area: do our current phases 1.1 and 1.2 make sense? Are there things we will not realistically work on any time soon, that perhaps shouldn’t be part of a “phase”? Are there things we actually don’t think we’ll ever do?

I would suggest:

  • unparent all remaining phases: we did revamp the Greeter UI already! :)
  • keep one single phase to keep track of the really important follow-up fixes/improvements that we had to postpone while polishing the new Greeter for Tails 3.0, and set “Target version” appropriately on those;
  • move every other subtask:
    • either out of any phase entirely, when they are not strongly related with anything else: we have “Affected tool = Greeter” to find them whenever we need to;
    • or to dedicated, user-centric parent tasks that would allow tracking sets of actions needed to achieve specific goals, when grouping is needed/beneficial.
  • identify improvements that are blocked by, or themselves block, other (non-Greeter) work; the goal being to help coordinate project planning with people working in those other areas.

I’d be happy to help Alan do this classification, and then ask feedback to our UX mailing list about it; but sajolida would probably be better than me at it, if he’s up to tackle it :)

Setting a target version after this year’s Tails summit, so I have this on my radar there, if we don’t tackle it earlier.



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This didn’t happen at the summit. I doubt that Alan & sajolida (+ possibly myself) find time to handle this any time soon, and I’d rather see Alan focus on his SponsorW deliverables anyway.

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  • related to Feature #11048: Permanently remove the rest of the keyboard layout added

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  • related to deleted (Feature #11048: Permanently remove the rest of the keyboard layout)

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The bits that are on my turf will be dealt with via Feature #14544 but apart of that, I’d rather not take the lead on this. So Alan, whenever you feel like diving into Greeter space again, please let us know! I’ll be happy to provide whatever insight I might have.

#6 Updated by alant 2018-12-09 15:13:47

I can work on the greeter again, depending on the priority we set to this task in our roadmap.

#8 Updated by intrigeri 2018-12-09 15:21:50

> I can work on the greeter again, depending on the priority we set to this task in our roadmap.

Great :)

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I got tired of the very old plans while working on the priorization of Feature #14544. So I triaged a bit what I could from a UX perspective.

Alan, if you want to do more triaging or clean up loose ends you can have a look at all the Greeter tickets assigned to you. I saw a bunch of tickets and branches that were started but not finished yet.

Regarding paid/unpaid work, I don’t think Redmine is a good place to discuss this. I suggest writing a mail to tails-accounting@boum.org so they can update you with the state of our budget for this year, and discuss what you want to do next year.

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  • Affected tool changed from Greeter to Welcome Screen