Feature #12533

Ability to point vagrant-libvirt to a custom storage pool

Added by vk 2017-05-10 16:11:58 . Updated 2020-01-01 09:12:29 .

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As discussed in Bug #12507, ability to use non-default Libvirt storage domain could be useful.
It’s as easy as adding something like below to vagrant/Vagrantfile in the config.vm.provider :libvirt section:

domain.storage_pool_name = ENV['TAILS_BUILD_LIBVIRT_POOL'] ? ENV['TAILS_BUILD_LIBVIRT_POOL'] : 'default'


Related issues

Related to Tails - Bug #12507: Vagrant: too little memory allocated for non-RAM builds Rejected 2017-05-04


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I’m the RM for 3.0 so feel free to reassign to me. But the build system is your area so I figured you might want to handle this one :)

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Now that the big rework of the build system is merged, there’s a few more instances of “default” that has to be taken care of. Please fix, test and report back when it work both when and without the option set!

And, yeah, an actual .patch (or Git pull request) would be preferred. :)

#6 Updated by intrigeri 2017-06-02 15:56:15

Timing-wise, we’re now very close to the 3.0 release: I’d be happy to review (and possibly merge) a branch submitted by June 6; if this is not plausible, please postpone to next release :)

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vk, do you (still) plan to work on this? If so, please set whatever Target version you want. I doubt this will be suitable for a bugfix release so the next candidate would be 3.4.

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  • related to Bug #12507: Vagrant: too little memory allocated for non-RAM builds added

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Are you still interested in working on this? If not, please deassign yourself from this ticket. It will make ticket tracking/triaging easier for us. Thanks.

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