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Rename OS X as macOS on our website

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacOS: “In 2016, Apple rebranded OS X to macOS, adopting the nomenclature that it uses for their other operating systems, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.”

It’s not going to be very exciting but the longer we wait the more occurences we’ll have to fix and the more translation strings we might break.


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I’m fine with you taking over this one (thanks!) but we should be extra careful about translations here.

By default, every string in which we will replace “OS X” with “macOS” will result in fuzzy translations in the PO files for all languages and so these strings will appear in English until the translators fix them. That’s boring work for translators and some teams are not active anymore (like Farsi) so the strings will likely never be fixed.

You should try to see if it seems safe to also replace “OS X” with “macOS” in all the PO files. I don’t know these languages enough to be sure that this is 100% fine so you should inspect a bit the occurrences of “OS X” in these translations to check if it looks safe enough.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more guidance on setting up and using translation with ikiwiki.

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I inspected the PO files. It appears safe to outright replace occurrences of “Mac OS X” with “macOS”.


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I’m taking this one back. I need to review my work more thoroughly because it’s ready for QA.

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Before* it’s ready for QA.

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Perfect, I’m merging!