Bug #12359

Language selector in the revamped Greeter always picks top entry when Enter is pressed

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Welcome Screen
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This might make sense most of the time, but not when the search field is empty. Here’s an example:

  • Boot Tails and stop at the Greeter. Notice that “Language” is focused.
  • If I press Enter, it will open the Language selector pop-up.
  • If I press Enter again (i.e. no text was ever typed into the search field), the top entry is applied, which happens to be “Afar - Djibouti”. I suspect this is not what users will expect.

I fear this will happen a lot to users that are used to just pressing Enter at the Greeter to start Tails with the defaults.

A simple fix would be that, in the Language selector pop-up, if the search field is empty, pressing Enter simply closes pop-up without changing the language settings.

Note: this bug probably affects all other “selectors pop-ups” as well, e.g. Keyboard layout and Formats, and should be fixed there too.

Here are two slightly different behavior related to illustrate this issue. They are probably both related but we should make sure that the fix for the first one should also fix the second one.


  • Start Tails.
  • English is selected.
  • Open the popup: English is still selected (expected).
  • Press Enter: Afar - Djibouti is selected. It should instead stick to English.


  • Open the popup. Type “ara” and press Enter.
  • Aragonese is selected (expected).
  • Open the popup again: “ara” is still typed in and Aragonese is selected (expected).
  • Press Enter: Aragonese is still selected (expected).
  • Open the popup again.
  • Press Backspace: “ara” gets deleted (expected) but Aragonese is still selected (expected).
  • Press Enter: Afar - Djibouti is selected. It should instead stick to Aragonese.



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We already one other bug report about this, so bumping priority.

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anonym, I’d like to see this fix in 3.0~beta4 (April 18, same day as 2.12). Any chance you review this in time, e.g. during the 2.12 freeze? If not, please reassign to me.

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Both issues in the description are fixed => merged!

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