Feature #12285

Deal with March 2017 false positive scenarios

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Continuous Integration
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As defined in Bug #10993, check is there are still some of them and tag them as fragile if any (see Bug #10288).



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  • blocks Bug #11816: Test suite often freezes after clicking "Login" in the Greeter added

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Now that we are close to 3.0 and feature/stretch being merged, let’s down-prioritize new robustness issues in stable and devel in the sense that we ignore the issue unless we find proof that it also affects feature/stretch. This might mean that we ignore an issue that actually affects feature/stretch but isn’t visible due to something breaking earlier in the affected tests, but let’s prefer that risk over identifying and tracking issues that don’t affect Tails after Jessie.

#4 Updated by intrigeri 2017-04-19 14:36:17

Whenever you do this work, it would be very nice to look for issues I’ve listed on Feature #11983: knowing whether we also see them on feature/stretch would help a lot evaluate the impact of Feature #5630.

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Given my previous comment, IMO this would be better suited for 3.0~rc1, if doable.

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  • Target version changed from Tails_3.0 to Tails_3.0~rc1

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Also look at feature/5630-deterministic-builds from after the sprint.

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  • blocked by deleted (Bug #11816: Test suite often freezes after clicking "Login" in the Greeter)

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  • blocked by deleted (Feature #12536: Have the devel branch based on Stretch)

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I’ve lost the data about feature/stretch by mistake.