Bug #12281

Cannot open multiple doc pages concurrently from notifications

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While working on Feature #12193, after merging the branch for Feature #12271, I see 3 notifications: running in a VM, I2P removal plans, 32-bit CPU. If I click two or more of the “More info” links, then only the first one works: for each of the other ones I am told that Tor Browser is already running and I should close it. I didn’t check if that’s the case if I wait longer between clicking on these links, but regardless: these notifications all appear roughly at the same time, so we are effectively encouraging users to click on them very quickly.

How hard would a technical solution be?

The code lives in config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-documentation and config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tor-browser in our main Git repo.

Low priority as very few actual users are affected currently: the I2P warning will go away in 2.12, and users should pick a 64-bit CPU for their VMs. Still, it would be good to fix this before we discover this problem again (or fail to) next time we add other such notifications.


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Note that if the browser is up and running this error won’t occur, and thanks to --allow-remote the requested pages will open just fine in the already-running browser. Hence we can fix this by adding a check to our tor-browser script that looks if it’s already running, and if so it enters a sleep loop, only exiting (and proceeding to opening the page) when it has verified that Tor Browser is fully running. That seems to be the case once its window is showing, so we could use some X tool or even Dogtail to implement that check.