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Documentation for the translators of Tails to Spanish

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We need a pointer on the webpage for the Spanish translators, I have created a branch.

We can add more things later, but I would like maybe to imitate the Italians and have a blueprint better, l10n_Spanish would be great!

Please review the branch at




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This branch seems to rely on the fact that we have a working web platform for translations, so marked as blocked.
Please reassign to me for QA once the blocker is done :)

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ok please review the branch now then…

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emmapeel wrote:
> ok please review the branch now then…

Ooops, I’ve missed that since I wasn’t assigned to it, sorry!

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Merged, and then:

  1. removed the last reference to weblate since 1. it wasn’t adding any information (the link to https://tails.boum.org/contribute/l10n_tricks/core_po_files.txt is enough); 2. last time I checked, our Weblate instance was not ready for production use; 3. the list of core pages on Weblate is outdated, which is just a symptom of (2) I guess.
  2. improved a few things, see the commits I added on top.

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