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Adjust chrooted browsers to overlayfs

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Unsafe Browser
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Their setup script currently relies on aufs.


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It may actually be simpler to get rid of unionfs entirely here:

  1. configure_chroot_browser_profile: generate the chroot’ed browser profile in a new tmpfs outside of the chroot
  2. set_chroot_browser_name, delete_chroot_browser_searchplugins:
    1. copy the langpacks from $TBB_EXT to a new tmpfs outside of the chroot and modify them there
    2. copy $TBB_INSTALL/browser/omni.ja from $TBB_EXT to a new tmpfs outside of the chroot and modify it there
  3. set up the chroot:
    1. bind-mount read-only the host system’s / to $chroot; compared to what we do now, that means we get all the changes that were made there since booting, as opposed to having a pristine stack of SquashFS
    2. to hide sensitive data in the chroot, mount brand new (and empty) tmpfs’es on $chroot/home/amnesia; that’s the ugly part (for those wondering, no need to do the same in $chroot/lib/live/mount/persistence as long as we bind-mount / as opposed to rbind it)
    3. bind-mount the profile tmpfs read-write to the right place inside the chroot
    4. bind-mount the modified $TBB_EXT tmpfs read-only to $chroot/$TBB_EXT
    5. bind-mount the modified $TBB_INSTALL/browser/omni.ja read-only to $chroot/$TBB_INSTALL/browser/omni.ja


  • It becomes very clear what is read-write inside the chroot (the profile directory and nothing else; or perhaps the full /home/clearnet if needed); everything else is read-only.
  • We can keep the modified extensions and omni.ja and reuse them accross Unsafe Browser sessions. The profile (or /home/clearnet) directory is another matter, having a clean one on every start is probably a good idea.
  • This allows us to use bwrap or systemd-nspawn, which simplifies setting up the chroot… and provide stricter confinement.


  • We expose runtime system config & data from the host to the Unsafe Browser and have to carefully single-out the bits we want to hide from it.

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