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Define requirements for an XMPP server for our support channel

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Before sending out a call, we should define the requirements for hosting our XMPP support channel


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Blocks Tails - Feature #11317: Pass a call to host an XMPP server for Tails support Confirmed 2016-04-04


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Sorry for not reading properly. I didn’t saw that this was about XMPP servers instead of clients.

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there are two problems we need to be solved; those problems don’t have to be solved together- this means that these problems can also be solved by two independent servers managed by two independent entities;
first set of requirements:

  • the server MUST provide conference rooms for tails related work; ist MUST be possible for tails contributors to create such conference rooms
  • the server MAY also provider conference rooms for other purposes (meaning: the server does not have to be tails specific)
  • the server MUST provide a way of storing the permissions of conference rooms; permissions are roles, affilations and privileges of jabber ids

the second set of requirements (could be a bit harder to solve):

syscamore, i’m assigning to you for review, i hope thats oke.
one think thats not clear to me is if the torproject setup can work with pidgin? (if so, maybe we should add this as an requirement to the second part)

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Review passes. Not sure where this ticket came from, reassigning to muri for clarification.

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this came from the discussions about moving the support channel from IRC to XMPP. we are using XMPP for (more than?) two years now though only some of the requirements are fullfilled, but apparently we are fine with that (i haven’t heard any negative comments about the choice of XMPP server so far).

i think the ticket and Feature #11317 can be closed (i’m leaving it open though, i’m not confident enough to just close it, but if another set of eyes agrees they can close it or maybe during the triaging…)

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