Bug #11360

Integrate Onion Circuits into our release process

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Onion Circuits
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It’s currently not listed in the “Upgrade bundled binary Debian packages” section of wiki/src/contribute/release_process.mdwn.



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  • blocked by Bug #11361: Document how to build Onion Circuits Debian packages added

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Delaying due to Bug #11361. Also see Feature #11160#note-10; maybe this ticket should be blocked by Feature #11160?

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Actually, I don’t think we should do that.

IMO we should handle Onion Circuits just like MAT and other similar packages, for which we have a pretty close relationship to upstream, and that we’re maintaining in Debian:

  • we contribute upstream, and some of us happen to be the upstream lead maintainers; upstream is ready to adjust their release timing depending on the Tails release cycle;
  • most of the time, the work that’s done upstream flows into Debian, then into backports, and then into Tails, without having any additional releasing/packaging work to do at Tails release time (that’s what I’m trying to do in Feature #11443);
  • whenever we are in a hurry to get a fix in Tails, that’s not been released upstream yet, we can either:
    • in most cases: get the fix via Debian or via our custom APT repo, as a quilt patch added to the packaging; that’s the kind of temporary exceptional treatment we give to 2k other packages, I don’t see why we should normalize the “we have to maintain a delta” situation for Onion Circuits specifically; I know that’s what you had to do for Tails 2.3, and I certainly hope that it won’t be the case too often (granted, perhaps a few more times as Onion Circuits is pretty new, but I expect the situation will quickly stabilize);
    • worst case, if the fix is so invasive that it really requires an upstream release: we can exceptionally wear our upstream contributors hat, put a release out there, and then Sascha or other pkg-privacy people will get it into Debian.

How does it sound?

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Sounds good to me. Rejecting, then, and moving on to Bug #11361.