Bug #11192

Onion Circuits' minimum width is problematic

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Onion Circuits
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Onion Circuits sometimes expands the width of the Path column significantly, to the point where the window becomes quite unusable with a 800xY resolution, and barely passable with with 1024xY.

It seems to occur when Tor does a directory fetch or tries to connect to a hidden service, since a very long entry will appear in the circuit list. Pruning the fingerprint (which is pretty useless information in the list, and fits better in the “details” view to the right, if we really want to show it anywhere) should be enough to fix this instance of the width problem

OTOH, I suppose picking three relays with names could trigger the issue too, so perhaps there just needs to be a a general “shortening” of entries, e.g. the maximum number of chars can be 60 and the rest is replaced with “…”. Or the path list is made scrollable horisontally.



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This should be fixed in git master (commit 64d3e7a)

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Package built and uploaded to stable’s and devel’s APT suites. This is the package that will end up in Tails 2.3 unless something unexpected happens.

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