Bug #10943

Seahorse is not associated with application/pgp-signature

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In Tails 2.0 rc1. Reported by user, confirmed by me:

Steps to reproduce:

- Download ISO and signature to some folder

- Open folder from Places or similar
- Double click on signature file

The file opens with Gedit (the default app)

Before Jessie, the default app was the Seahorse-Nautilus verification process.


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Confirmed. GNOME Files correctly tells me that the .sig file is a “detached OpenPGP signature (application/pgp-signature)”, but it’s not associated with whatever Seahorse utility it should be.

Workaround, in case it blocks the documentation update process: add application/pgp-signature=seahorse-pgp-signature.desktop to /etc/gnome/defaults.list.

I’ll try to fix that in time for 2.0. It looks like all Seahorse file associations are gone, so while I’m at it, I’ll check if I can cheaply fix them for a few more MIME types.

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It would be interesting to understand why the association is not effective on Tails, while it seems to work fine on my Debian sid, and on Tails 2.0~rc1:

$ grep seahorse /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache

I wonder if this would happen if we were not modifying /etc/gnome/defaults.list with config/chroot_local-hooks/10-tbb and config/chroot_local-hooks/59-file_associations. One could try customizing file associations via config/chroot_local-includes/etc/skel/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list only, and leave /etc/gnome/defaults.list untouched.

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