Bug #10629

Improve GNOME Disks instructions

Added by sajolida 2015-11-24 02:13:13 . Updated 2015-12-17 08:12:15 .

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End-user documentation

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Installation Assistant
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  • Explain that GNOME Disks is also called Disks, or the other way around [62]
  • Add logo for GNOME Disks [62]
  • Add menu path for GNOME Disks [62]
  • Test whether formatting can prevent people clicking on the double gear [64]
  • Circle gear button in GNOME Disks screenshot [64]


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I’m only missing testing formatting to prevent people using the double gear [64].

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Done. Formatting is not an option, see 5ba0831.

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66275c60355e760733ca5550202125d1de932cbb : I looked few second to find the second red circled action. But maybe it’s ok.

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Applied in changeset commit:be2a7314431bc40c95893bcc1d9bb5e5e0842822.

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After doing a first merge of this branch I noticed that the two state images in the left column were now overlapping. So I did one more commit on top of this that should solve all the issues at once. Please have a look at f08e6af or the result directly on https://tails.boum.org/master/install/linux/usb/.

Note that as I already did merge and pushed this branch online when I realized the problem of overlapping images, I did this one directly in master as well and not in a topic branch.

If you’re fine with this you can mark this ticket as resolved.

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  • related to Feature #5323: Document a GUI way to securely erase Flash media via Gnome Disks added