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Do statistics on upgrade paths

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Right now we are only providing IUKs from version n-1 to upgrade to version n. See http://dl.amnesia.boum.org/tails/stable/iuk/. This assumes that our users are all regular users that update every 6 weeks or otherwise be punished with a double upgrade. Confronting this with real data might change our vision a lot…

We could study the hits on https://tails.boum.org/Tails/x.y.z/i386/stable/upgrades.yml over time to get a better idea.



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So here are some stats over the 2.3 → 2.4 release cycle (2016-04-27 to 2016-06-06 included). I choose 2.3 because it was the first complete release cycle since 2.0. The full stats are in attachment but here is a summary:

Over the first week:

2.3 R 48%
2.2.1 R-1 28%
2.0 → 2.2 R-4 → R-2 9%
1.2.2 → 1.8.2 R-18 → R-5 15%

Over the whole release cycle:

2.3 R 63%
2.2.1 R-1 14%
2.0 → 2.2 R-4 → R-2 7%
1.2.2 → 1.8.2 R-18 → R-5 15%

So, my conclusions are that:

  • As we already knew, our users are upgrading quite fast.
  • Providing an IUK for R-2 → R would be cool as it would be helpful to ~30% of our users over the first week. But not providing it, as we’ve been doing until now, doesn’t look like a catastrophy either. Maybe we can do this if we manage to reduce the amount of work needed to prepare IUKs… What would it take?
  • Providing IUKs for R-3 → R doesn’t seem like worth it.
  • There’s a very long and quite big tail of people with versions of more than 4 months old (~15%) but I’m not sure what we could do for them…

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  • related to Bug #11857: Provide IUK to go from version n-2 to version n added