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Include some default bridges

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Some users inside Iran and other places have difficulties connecting to Tor network directly. They’d have to chose a pluggable transport (usually obfs3 or obfs4). Apparently there aren’t any default bridges baked into Tails, and it makes it very difficult for users to find some and add them. Tor Browser includes some default bridges to address this issues. Would be nice if Tails would do the same, and ideally with a new sets of high-capacity bridges. We might be able to ask our friends at Torservers to dedicate some to this.

Moreover, the ones who have a list of bridges and have persistence volume setup, would have to save them in a text file, and enter bridges manually with every boot, which as you can imagine makes life much harder for them. It’d be nice if there was a way to remember or load those bridges as soon as the persistence volumes gets unlocked.


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Is duplicate of Tails - Feature #8825: Provide default bridges Confirmed 2015-01-30


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Note: I realize the second paragraph potentially belongs to a separate ticket, but thought this would make the argument easier to follow. Feel free to move it to another ticket if needed.

Note II: oops! I accidentally clicked on security-audit when the ticket was being created and have no way to change it now :/ sorry about that.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’re already tracking this on Feature #8825. Please have a good read at the whole ticket to understand where we’re at. To sum up, we’re blocked by having a persistence feature for Tor configuration (Feature #5461).

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