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Fix the documentation for translating with Git

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- The documented command line `git clone git@gitlab.com:Tails/tails.git tails` returns an error: “Permission denied (publickey)”.
- The chapter “Configure your credentials” is outdated



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Thanks for working on this. I’m glad to see more people working on documentation lately.

But your branch mixes up many unrelated commits and this time the work seems quite important, so I won’t do fancy Git operations myself and I ask you to clean your Git history first. Here are some tips.

You must have a clear difference of history between origin/master and your branch. You can visualize this with git log -p origin/master...doc/10076-fix-translating-with-git. This must show only the commits that are specific to your branch. Here it’s not the case and I see at least 114ec4f, a078471, b3a98c2, 4d05f2d, etc. which are unrelated.

To fix this, the technique I find the easiest to understand is to:

  • Checkout your branch.
  • Visualize the difference between your branch and origin/master with git log -p as explained earlier.
  • Write down a list of commits that you want to save from this branch. For example, ecc59fe, 9d46194, c686f44, etc.
  • Reset your branch to the state of master: git reset --hard origin/master.
  • Cherry-pick in chronological order the relevant commits that you wrote down. For example git cherry-pick c686f44, then git cherry-pick 9d46194, etc.
  • Make sure that your history is clean with git log -p as explained earlier.
  • Push your branch to your remote repo with the --force option to overwrite it. git push --force elouann doc/10076-fix-translating-with-git.

#5 Updated by intrigeri 2015-08-28 11:28:46

> * Reset your branch to the state of master: git reset --hard origin/master.

You may want to save a copy of your original branch (e.g. by checking it out under another name) before you do that: the next steps will make the unrelated commits hard to find (since they won’t be referrenced by the rewritten branch anymore).

#6 Updated by elouann 2015-09-14 15:55:51

I finally cleaned up my branch. Please review, and thanks a lot for the guidance!

FTR, I used the following command lines:

Make a backup
git checkout -b doc/10076-fix-translating-with-git-BACKUP
git checkout doc/10076-fix-translating-with-git

Save the list of commits
git log origin/master…doc/10076-fix-translating-with-git —author=elouann > git-commits-list

git reset —hard origin/master

Cheery-pick using the git-commits-list

git log origin/master…doc/10076-fix-translating-with-git

git push —force elouann doc/10076-fix-translating-with-git

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Applied in changeset commit:5bf41ac3a4cebc6f1e3363b08e1e137b05927ac5.

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Super cool! I added a bunch of minor improvements with c7f8aa6..effc9de and merged it.